Medical social work

What is the role of a medical social worker?

Medical social workers are patient and family advocates, helping you navigate the often daunting and confusing healthcare system in order to be heard, get your needs met, and achieve the best possible healthcare outcomes. 

Northeast Professional Home Care’s licensed medical social workers serve as a primary source of contact and support for patients and families and work with your physician and other NPHC care team members (skilled nurses, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and home health aides) to coordinate the most effective and patient-centered healthcare plan for you or your loved one.

Recovering from a medical procedure, accident, injury, or illness can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Our expert and compassionate medical social workers are here to thoroughly understand your needs and goals, actively listen and empathize, and provide emotional support, problem solving, coordination of care, and community resources.

Our staff works directly with your case manager, physician, and family to develop a personalized plan for your care, in the comfort and privacy of your own familiar surroundings. 

Services of our licensed medical social workers include:

  • Help families successfully understand and navigate the medical system
  • Keep patient and their family educated and informed about their treatment
  • Provide active listening, compassion, and emotional support
  • Help patients understand, accept, and adhere to their care plan
  • Support patients and families to understand and utilize their options for paying for healthcare services
  • Connect patients with helpful community resources
  • Help patients get their needs met and get the most out of their in-home care

Medical social work services can be provided on a short-term or long-term basis, and if ordered by your doctor, are often covered by Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, or your private insurance carrier.

What makes someone a candidate for at-home medical social work services?

Medical social workers work alongside your healthcare team to ensure your care is as holistic, complete, and personalized to your goals as possible. Whenever you’re receiving healthcare from a medical team, a medical social worker can serve as your advocate and champion, catering not just to your physical health but also your emotional, spiritual, logistical, and community needs.

We all want to remain as autonomous and independent as possible during the recovery process. Northeast Professional Home Care’s medical social workers understand that and can help you get the most out of your home care experience, maintain your freedom and independence, live safely in your own surroundings, and recover with the comfort, security, and privacy that comes from being cared for in your own home.

Benefits of medical social work services:

  • An advocate working on your behalf toward your optimal health and recovery
  • Someone who ensures your care plan supports you holistically: physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Client education and ensuring you understand and can get the most out of your medical care plan
  • Compassionate listening and addressing your fears and concerns
  • Co-creating plan for achieving your goals during your care
  • Helping you understand complex medical situations so you can make the best decisions for yourself
  • Help connect clients with additional community resources to meet financial, psychological, social, transportation, and other needs
  • An experienced guide to help you navigate the stressful healthcare process so you can focus on your own recovery
  • Northeast Professional Home Care works with you, your family, your case manager, and your physician to ensure your care is safe, supportive of your medical goals, and tailored to your needs
  • Your medical social worker coordinates your in-home treatment plan along with other care team members that you may need for your recovery, like skilled nurses, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and home health aides 

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